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Welcome to Chabad of Delaware: "Jewish. Done Joyfully!" We are a local and vibrant community with programs and activities for the entire family.

Our philosophy is non-judgmental and friendly. From the moment you walk into our beautiful facility, you will immediately feel at home. Our Rabbis and Rebbitzeins are warm, caring and sensitive. Our programs are user-friendly and custom-tailored to meet your needs. We believe that regardless of educational background or affiliation, it is the inalienable right of every Jewish person to learn and
participate in our heritage that belongs to us all equally.

You are welcome to come and avail yourself of any of our programs and activities. We are very proud of our accomplishments and for becoming an important Jewish program and service provider in the Wilmington community. We open our arms to you. Please come and grow with us.

The Torah is also known as the 'Tree of Life'. As Jews, our life is not only a material one. We must grow educationally and spiritually. Please join us for an experience you won't forget.



Upcoming events
Aug. 24, 2017
Departure and Arrival at the Siegel JCC
Registration at Please contact for a $10 promo code for the website.
Aug. 30, 2017
Sep. 06, 2017
Sep. 10, 2017
Welcome to JKidz Hebrew School, an exciting and innovative educational program right here in Wilmington! Our school only meets on Sunday mornings and brings a unique and creative approach to ...